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HJ Moto signed a business agreement with the National Delivery Riders Association

Reduce insurance premiums and promote distribution through driving tests of the National Delivery Riders Association

HJ Moto Co., Ltd. and ㈔ National Delivery Riders Association announced on the 28th that they had signed a business agreement to reduce insurance premiums for delivery motorcycles at the headquarters of HJ Moto.

With this agreement, the National Delivery Riders Association conducts a crash test and driving safety evaluation with HJ Moto's four-wheeled electric motorcycle (Cymoto) to promote the safety and welfare of 300,000 delivery rider members.

By further improving stability, we decided to cooperate actively to optimize and minimize 'rider premium'. Insurers' loss ratio due to frequent accidents caused by unstable structural problems of two-wheeled vehicles is high.

It was chosen as a factor that made their livelihood difficult. For young delivery riders in their 20s, general insurance is a whopping 18 million won a year, and liability insurance, which only covers basic insurance, is close to 4-5 million won.

As a result of a survey of delivery rider members conducted by Rider Union, 61.7% of them were unable to purchase insurance because their insurance premiums were too high.

Ki-seon Song, president of the National Delivery Riders Association, said, "As a safe four-wheeled electric motorcycle will be released for delivery as soon as possible, it is necessary to optimize and minimize the 'rider insurance premium'."

HJ Moto's 4-wheel electric motorcycle developed with a world-class patent is a technology that is difficult to manufacture by other companies. It can drive more than 250km (with a large-capacity battery) on a single charge, and since it has four wheels, it can be operated more safely than a two-wheeled motorcycle even on unpaved roads, snowy, and raining roads. The battery life is shortened and the battery life is long, which is excellent in convenience and economy. Here, the vehicle is low, so anyone can drive it comfortably and safely.

Currently, about 8,000 units have been purchased in Europe, South America and Asia, and more than 3,000 units have been received in Korea through the Gapyeong Cultural Tourism Council and the Jeju Special Self-Governing Province Tourism Association.

In addition to this agreement, both the National Delivery Riders Association and HJ Moto signed a business agreement to promote sales and distribution of 250,000 four-wheeled electric motorcycles for 5 years. For the safety and benefit of our branch, branch, and national members, we decided to conduct a demand survey and conclude a special sales contract.

HJ Moto Co., Ltd. is in the process of negotiating an investment to mass-produce a four-wheeled electric motorcycle, and it is scheduled to go on sale in October 2022.


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