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CEO Greetings

Welcome to HJ Postero.


​CEO Hyungjin Choi

This is Hyungjin Choi, the CEO of HJ tech, HJ moto, HJ transmission, and HJ bike.

Technology acquired by researching and working on automobiles and automobiles since 1995, and Korea’s

As the first generation of electric vehicles, we want to fully repay future automobiles with user safety, vehicle durability and optimal performance.

We joined as HJ Postero.

Since 2010, we have registered about 30 invention patents, and based on this, we have established

Now, we want to introduce it to consumers with Postero.

I myself may be a grain of sand in the desert, but just as people like me gather and build sand castles, in the future someone

You will be researching and developing your skills while fighting the battle of patience.

I am one of those people too, and if our goal is to help future consumers and the earth in any way,

I will treasure it more than any property.

The future is not a compromise.

Neither do we compromise with the future.

Just because HJ Postero is forever in the future, we can reach more consumers and hire more family members.

I just want to remain as a company that contributes to the Korean economy, narrowly, to the local economy.

Hyeongjin is Human Joys

Hyungjin Choi

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