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Next-generation technology competency strengthening company

“HJ” is an abbreviation for Hyeong Jin. Although he is not a great person, it is a bit embarrassing to quote an abbreviation, but since 1995,

HJ tech was established in 2018 under the name to fully repay the technology acquired through research while working in automobiles with the safety of users, durability and optimal performance of the vehicle of the future.

Currently, it is contributing to commercialization by transferring product technology of electric motorcycles (HJ moto) and electric vehicle transmissions (HJ transmission).  

In the future, research and development of technologies such as micro electric vehicles (HJ mobility), electric bicycles (HJ bike), electric vehicle batteries (HJ battery), wind power generators (HJWG), etc., contribute to commercialization by transferring product technology By doing so, more pleasure and luster to the users who use it

We want to contribute to providing.

The Earth, our home and the only one truly precious, suffers a lot.

It will play a weak role in treating each other hand in hand and working together, but we will repay you with an eco-friendly car.

HJ tech  About Us

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