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HJ transmission  business background

Transmission in electric vehicles

I do not need.


The rise of "necessity of transmission for electric vehicles" 

Holding various transmission patentsready

Electric vehicle transmission specialist


HJ transmission is a specialized electric vehicle transmission company.
Many people said that electric vehicles do not need a transmission, but they have been preparing since 7 years ago, and through steady research,

We have a transmission patent.

An electric vehicle is an assembly of electric devices based on powerful electric energy.
In order to maintain the durability and safety of batteries, electric devices and powertrains, and to exhibit optimal performance,

Electric vehicles must be equipped with a transmission.

Electric vehicles of the future should be safer and more convenient.
HJ's high-speed transmission can give better electric vehicle performance.
HJ's next-generation continuously variable transmission will also become another technology in the not-too-distant future by continuing research on commercialization.

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