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We bring you the news of HJ.

HJ Moto received a letter of intent from Sri Lanka to purchase 6,000 "robots."

HJMoto Co., Ltd. has signed a business agreement with Korea Ranka Enterprise on e-mobility exports to Sri Lanka.

HJMoto Co., Ltd. signed a business agreement with Daehan Ranka Enterprise (CEO Saha Bandu Jayat) on e-mobility Sri Lanka exports.

Under this agreement, HJMoto will be able to jointly establish a local production corporation with Daehan Ranka Enterprise, assemble and sell locally.

In addition, H.J.Moto established a research institute in Sri Lanka to continue to reflect new technologies for electric vehicles and is in charge of technology exchanges between Korea and Sri Lanka.

In addition, HJ Moto is equipped with its unique SLS (swing arm leaning system) technology.

Various eco-friendly e-mobilities such as eco-friendly four-wheeled electric motorcycles, mini electric vehicles for tourism, and electric boats for tourism

By disseminating it, a bridgehead for overseas expansion was prepared.

HJ Moto Co., Ltd. started from Colombo City and Kandy City, Sri Lanka, through Korea Langka Enterprise before this agreement.

HJMoto Co., Ltd. received LOI from Colombo City and Candy City in Sri Lanka. It also received 600 letters of intent from the Sri Lankan Pharmacy Association and 700 letters of intent from Visa Lanka Motor (Sri Lanka Bus Company and Automobile Sales Company). Under this business agreement, more than 6,000 units have been willing to purchase for a total of three years.

HJ Moto Co., Ltd. has world-class patents under the three mottos of 'safety', 'eco-friendly' and 'convenience'.

It is a company that designs, manufactures and produces eco-friendly e-Mobility.

'The Robot', which is being exported to Sri Lanka this time, can run more than 250km on a single charge.

Because it has four wheels, it is safe, and there is no smoke and noise, so it is convenient and economical.

Prior to this agreement, HJ Moto signed a business agreement with the Gapyeong Culture and Tourism Council on the 27th.

In addition, it received an intention to purchase 1,500 units annually for 3 years from TRIO CNC COMPANY in Italy.

The two-wheeled electric motorcycle 'The Robot' is scheduled to be released next year.


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