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HJ Moto signed business agreement with Gapyeong Culture and Tourism Council

HJ Moto Co., Ltd. and the Gapyeong Cultural Tourism Council announced on the 27th that they had signed a business agreement for the Gapyeong Cultural Tourism Project at the Gapyeong-gun Office. With this agreement, HJmoto Co., Ltd. has developed its own SLS (swing arm leaning system) technology that has acquired international patents.

It will contribute to regional development by establishing a production plant for four-wheeled electric motorcycles and a technology research center. The Gapyeong Culture and Tourism Council will provide administrative support for the establishment of production plants and technology research centers with Gapyeong-gun, and will purchase four-wheeled electric motorcycles, etc. The 4-wheel electric motorcycle developed by HJ Moto Co., Ltd. with a world-class patent can travel more than 250km on a single charge, and it is safe because it has four wheels, and there is no smoke and noise, so it is convenient and economical. In addition, unlike a typical electric motorcycle, it can be used as it is with an electric vehicle charger, so charging can be completed within 2 hours and 30 minutes.

In particular, the large-capacity battery is manufactured by die-casting and is completely waterproof packaged in a case to provide the highest safety. HJ Moto Co., Ltd. is developing and building a production line for this four-wheeled electric motorcycle, and it is scheduled to go on sale in 2022.


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