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HJ Moto, the first step into the North American market

Received a letter of intent to purchase 3000 units from Guatemala and El Salvador.

HJ Moto (CEO Hyung-jin Choi) announced on the 18th that it had received an intention to purchase 1,000 four-wheel electric motorcycles every year for three years in Guatemala and El Salvador. HJ Moto signed a non-face-to-face business agreement with SANCTUS.SA (CEO ANTONIO YUN), and also signed a business agreement for export of e-mobility to South America, Guatemala and El Salvador. With this agreement, HJ Moto will be able to jointly produce and sell locally with SANCTUS.SA. By establishing an outpost in Central America, it was also an opportunity to seize the North American and South American markets at once. By proposing the product to public institutions and private sales markets, interest and demand were confirmed, and a total of 3,000 purchase intentions were received over three years. 과테말라와 엘살바도르에 수출을 추진하는 ‘더 로봇’은 1회 충전으로 주행거리 250Km이상을 운행할 수 있으며 바퀴가 4개인 관계로 안전하다. 매연과 소음도 없어 편의성과 경제성이 뛰어나다. 'The Robot' can run more than 250km on a single charge and is safe because it has 4 wheels. There is no smoke or noise, so it is convenient and economical.

CEO Choi Hyung-jin said, "The local government's support for electric motorcycles is still lacking, but there is interest and demand from public institutions."

Meanwhile, HJ Moto signed a business agreement with the Gapyeong Culture and Tourism Council in January, and received an intention to purchase 6,000 units annually for 3 years in Sri Lanka and Italy. The four-wheeled electric motorcycle 'The Robot' is scheduled to be released in the first half of next year. 출처 : 이뉴스투데이(

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what is the exprort price of 4 wheel 6kw for thailand market for 1000 unit

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